Mojave Sands Motel in Joshua Tree

Mar, 16 by Nina.

When my friends invited me to Joshua Tree, they knew the way to sell me on the trip was to tell me about where they were staying. Mojave Sands is this beautifully simple and well-designed motel that truly captures the essence of the desert. Originally built in 1952, new owner Blake purchased the property in 2002. He kept the bones but gutted the building and totally renovated it. All the new doors, windows, gates, and most of the furniture was designed and built on-site. The result is a peaceful oasis that is inspired by its surroundings but also has a hip factor with a cool mix of organic materials, industrial bones & modern accessories. Each room has a library of books and records and even a record player for your listening pleasure. Blake, you’re speaking my language…

Wooden measuring tape lamp

Each room comes with a record player!

Gorgeous custom built wood bed frames & headboards

All the rooms are connected and have a fountain outside each door.

Just beautiful. That circle in the middle of the pool is actually a fire pit. Words cannot describe how cool this is at night.

Photo of the motel after Blake gutted it. It stayed this way for 3 years until he could raise the money needed to renovate it.

Under renovation. Slowly coming together.

To find out more information or to inquire about rates, check out Mojave Sands here.

Photo credit: Nina Isabella & Instagram

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